my name is lilly but my friends call me kee. i am a softspoken and gentle natured girl from texas. i'm an aquarius! i have several hobbies including experimenting with music, collecting music, drawing, learning languages, collecting old coins, and collecting merchandise and memorabilia for whatever series i am obsessed with at the moment. my biggest dream is to be a railroad conductor and live in a small town in saskatchewan, canada.

i really like roses and late victorian era art and fashion aesthetics. i also really love 1990s aesthetics, particularly the early to mid 1990s. i have a penchant for enjoying games and shows with darker and slightly disturbing tones, but i don't like horror. my very first console video game was pikmin, so i prefer sci-fi with a wistful and slightly darker, sad, undertone. i think to know me it's important to know some of the media i like because it's a bit all over the place. click the "favourite things" button to see my favourite medias!