fave music archive

i meticulously log all of my favourite songs and have for years. because i'm overly picky with music, i have to go on a song-by-song basis, and save only my favourite songs instead of whole albums because they take up so much space. i've been doing this since 2015, but this will be a fresh list starting from late august of 2022. SOME songs i like are straight up not on youtube or any streaming platform whatsoever so this will never be a complete representation of my colelction, but i hope you enjoy if you've made it this far!

august 2022:

break my soul | 夢の中へ | kjærlighetsvise i mørketid | boy | the blood | selfish soul |भूल भुलैया 2

september 2022:

show time | dreams come true | that that | boy toy