fullmetal alchemist is a story about two brothers who commit a sin against nature as children, one loses his arm and leg and the other loses his entire body, living on as a soul the older brother bonded to a suit of armour. the story follows their quest to find a way to return to their original bodies on their own. but is the story really so simple?

the closer they get to being able to return to how things were, the more government secrets and conspiracies they uncover along the way. they learn their own country is built on human sacrifice, and the only viable way they can get their bodies back is through the same means - the cost of many human lives. through countless hardships and efforts, making and losing friends along the way, and even befriending their enemies, they learn how to tackle the truth within the truth.

i first got into fullmetal alchemist in 2010. it was still super popular at the time, and i caught episode 3 of brotherhood during its first airing on american television. i was hooked right away. i borrowed the dvds of the 2003 anime from the library and fell in love with its complexity, although i only got halfway through the series. in 2012, i watched both series all the way through with my dad and it's one of our all-time favourite series ever. both series have a ton of differences, but they both share the same complex characters and worldbuilding, and although i haven't watched the 2003 series in about a decade i remember it was really good - and as for brotherhood, i rewatch it every couple of years and it still gets me pumped up every time.

my two favourite characters in the series are kimblee and pride. kimblee was and still is one of the most important fictional characters i've encountered in my life. his role in the story is as a terrible, unlikable person through and through, but at the very end due to his own set of morals he saves the main character's life and allows him to win one of his toughest battles.

pride is one of my favourite villains - although his character isn't that deep, he's so creepy and terrifying that i'm obsessed with his aesthetic and role in the story.