favourite songs!
i'm going to be honest, i technically have thousands of favourite songs. every year, i meticulously keep track of every song i'm obsessed with and save them all on my computer so they can never be lost forever if they get taken down from youtube or wherever else. i've been doing this every year since 2015 and have backtracked to 2011 by individual year, then 2007-2010 and pre-2007 in less rigid detail.

however, this list is far more special. this is my absolute favourite songs in the world. i have a lot to say about every song i love, but these particularly need to be written about. i can only hope one day someone as pretentious as me goes through these and finds their own new favourite song in here. this will be extremely pretentious sounding as i almost NEVER talk about myself anywhere online, especially not my taste in music. i'm very shy about my music taste.

equinoxe 5 | jean-michel jarre | 1977 | instrumental

in 2011, i was obsessed with this music from a game called jet set willy. in 2017 i was revisiting a remix of it and someone commented it sounded like equinoxe 5 by jean-michel jarre. out of curiosity, i heard the original and was blown away. i have a soft spot for simple yet beautiful melodies, and every note hit me just right. on its album, it seamlessly blends into parts 6 and 7 and i love listening to them all together.

maritime tatami | victrola | 1983 | english

i heard this song on The Outer Edge Of 80s Synth in 2017, but it didn't click with me until several listens later. (i used to listen to this album while doing dishes at panera. every day. for years) if you like it, i suggest looking up the demo version, it's even more haunting.

morning moon | takeshi kaga | 1981 | japanese

only ever heard it because i had an incredibly embarrassing takeshi kaga obsession not so long ago. i love his voice and the whole album this song is from, but there's something so light and enchanting about this particular track.

रेशमी सलवार कुरता जाली का | lata mangeshkar & shamshad begum | 1957 | hindi

absolutely NO clue how i stumbled across this song in 2016. i assume i was just going through some youtube "old bollywood songs" playlist randomly and fell in love with the way it sounded. i know all the lyrics by heart and really enjoyed the movie it was from.

little spacey | cocteau twins | 1987 | ?

ashamed to say i don't know if elisabeth frasier sings in gaelic or made up words or what. i could never really figure it out or find trustworthy lyrics anywhere. but this is my absolutely favourite cocteau twins song and its dreamy nature fits how i view my own personality...

autorail | orchestra baobab | 1981 | wolof?

leguisamo solo | juan maglio | 1929 | spanish

マジで感謝! | t-pistonz+kmc | 2009 | japanese

sighs. in 2013 i began watching inazuma eleven, an extremely strange piece of media that altered my brain chemistry. i originally hated the season 2 opening because i had gotten so used to the first and thought it just sounded weird, but over time it REALLY grew on me. it's from a media targeted at kids so of course the lyrics are gonna be uplifting etc etc, but it's actually gotten me through some extremely rough times.

satellite of love

electric avenue


toy boy | sinitta | 1987 | english

in 2015 or 2016 i heard this on a long since deleted upload of an old 1980s japanese dance club mix and fell in LOVE with the sound. it's one of my go-to bops for sure.

ambient chopin | peter murray | 2015 | instrumental

i'm actually... a bit confused where i heard this one. i was very, very delirious with illness at an anime convention i was staffing in 2018 and i was locked up in the bathroom having an awful time watching youtube videos. i believe the beginning of this track was used in a youtube advertisement for makeup? or some other beauty product? and selena gomez was in the ad... but i can't find any trace of it online. i have no idea how i even tracked down the song. anyway many a tear has been shed to this song.

مہکی فضائیں گاتی ہوائیں | noor jehan | urdu | 1959

beautiful dreamer | nata-p / luka megurine | 2009 | japanese

i was OBSESSED with vocaloid in 2009 and this might have been the very first luka song i ever heard. over a decade later it is still my absolute favourite vocaloid song (period) and reminds me of winter nights in the town i grew up in.

trailer song

ingoina le nyathi

la woman, ms man

bad passion

на заре

5:15 A.M.

angel on my shoulder

punky's dilemma

ᐆᒻᒪᑎ ᐊᑦᑕᓇᕐᓯᒪᑦ | elisapie | 2023 | inuktitut

i never would have found this song if it weren't for my phone recommending CBC Indigenous news articles to me every so often. i got hit with this one morning in early april when i was laid up in bed sick to my stomach and it gave me so much peace and comfort - i always loved the original song so hearing this cover in a language not widely spoken really speaks to me.

amie o | bebe manga | 1980 | douala

i heard this song when i was in florida in june 2022. i woke up one day really wanting to hear 1970s and 1980s west african music so i just went in and came out with this song. it's lovely, heartfelt, and will always make me think of summertime.

stardust | louis armstrong | 1931 | english

when i was little circa 1999-2000 my dad at some point burned a cd of all my favourite songs at the time. it was about 10 songs and every song was some 1970s hit or another (car wash, brick house, shining star, lady marmalade etc) but the very first song on the cd was this version of stardust by louis armstrong. when i was little i couldn't understand the words at all but i always thought it was the most beautiful song in the world.