secrets and fun facts!
in the gamecube game, you can talk to tom nook in his shop and choose the option to "say code". if you input this code, you will be given 100 turnips! if he's buying turnips at a high price, you can easily make a quick profitt.


also in the gamecube game, if you play igloo games enough with a peppy or normal villager, you have a chance at obtaining the DUMMY item that you can't get anywhere else! they will randomly offer it as an item to buy, and it may take several tries to get it to come up in the pool of items they offer. it's a stand-in item with a texture in japanese hiragana that just says "dummy", and it's not programmed very well - it won't crash your game, but the collision is weird and it's off-centered. definitely an odd and fun piece to add to your collection!

one last bit of gamecube trivia that isn't really useful but i always found interesting: returning from the island on a snowy day causes a texture glitch where icicles will form by the rivers! i assume the game loads the typical "pointy grass" edges instead of the rounded snow by mistake. this is immediately fixed by entering and exiting a building.