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welcome to my little corner of the world wide web!

this is where i collect things that make me happy, as well as share some of my art and music. this website in itself is a bit of an art project of mine. please take your time to look around, and feel free to follow me on any of my other social media linked on the left side of the page. freely enjoy your time in the kee zone!

this site was entirely coded from the ground up by me

hint: many images around the site are clickable (*^∇^)┛♪

noun \ōd'kē\

name for sentret in a bootleg version of pokemon crystal, mistranslated from オタチ (otachi) and みなりポケモン (minari pokemon)

i don't actually know if i will start publishing a blog for this page, because i've never been good at keeping blogs or diaries... but i do have a project idea in the works so i may use this block to promote it!

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